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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to visit Karma Nutrition?


Karma Nutrition services can be availed without any referral.

Can I claim under Medicare?


If you have a CDM (previously known as EPC) plan referral from your GP or other medical health practitioner. The CDM scheme provides 5 medicare rebates every year to visit an eligible allied health professional and Karma Nutrition bulk bill for referrals under the CDM scheme.

Can I claim if I have a DVA gold card holder?


Karma Nutrition is a provider for DVA. Your appointments will be covered in full if you have a doctor’s referral.

Can I get consultation via zoom or phone chat due to COVID-19?


Karma Nutrition services are available via telehealth communication.

Can I claim under private health insurance?


You will need to enquire from your health fund as to how much you can claim back for each visit. Most private health funds do provide rebates for dietitian services but it depends on the level of your cover.